While Dr. Wilkins claims she is “taking care of a loved one and fiancé (her words),” Dr. Wilkins is really in Key West partying.

A vacation “frolicking on the beaches of Key West” is among many other activities that do not involve “caring for a cancer patient” of Dr. Wilkins’, while the cancer patient is fighting for life alone, and losing the use of their lungs from cancer, and cancer patient is having a very difficult time breathing and inhaling enough oxygen, and month by month getting closer to death.

When it is useful for Dr. Wilkins to have a “loved one” and “fiancé” that is a cancer patient that Dr. Wilkins lies about “paying medical bills for,” that’s what Dr. Wilkins has. 

When it is convenient for Dr. Wilkins to be “single” so Dr. Wilkins can party and hookup, Dr. Wilkins is “single” and cancer patient does not exist to those that do not know. Dr. Wilkins kept each person or group separated, and told different lies that were useful to Dr. Wilkins, to each person or group.

Below is an email from yet another past secret lover and co-adulterer (unknowingly), to Dr. Wilkins: 

(Exact transcript, misspellings included. Original document available.)


Subj: You’re Gonna Get It
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 8:59:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected]
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Little Miss Catherine, aren’t we the naughty little girl!  It’s been a 
couple of months since I’ve had the pleasure of being intimate with you.  
Although, the memories are still vivdly etched in my mind.  I do think that 
I’m gonna require a little participation on your part.  Something about 
taking two to tango.

Just imagine, the two of us in my bedroom without a bed, a lamp, or even a 
rug.  Then I remeber us kissing so passionately that we couldn’t deny each 
other the pleasure of getting naked. And you knew exactly what to do.  First 
you warmed me up by getting on your knees and teasing my cock with your 
mouth, until finally I couldn’t stand anymore.  That’s when I knew that I 
had to have you there on the hardwood floor.  I enjoyed looking at you there 
naked on my floor, ready for me to make love to you.  I remeber how much you 
screamed for it and how good it felt to be inside you when you and I came 
together.  The simplicity of it and raging lust of the whole experience left 
me in a sublime state of drunken infatuation with your mind, body, and soul. 
 What more can I say?

I hope that you’re enjoying these thoughts, because I know that I do every 
time I think about them. I think that we’re going to have to write a couple 
of new chapters though.

So, I hope your trip to the down south was fun and that these e-mails added 
a litle spice to your frolicking on the beaches of Key West.  And don’t 
worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Love you,


Dr. Wilkins claims she cared for a cancer patient and “fiancé” until past remission, sacrificed greatly, and paid her “loved one’s” medical bills, until “she was depleted of savings.”

Dr. Wilkins said, in writing, as an alibi for committing adultery, David Brodosi assaulted her and raped her (her written “deposition” has been submitted to TITLE IX USF).

Many other dishonesties have been and will be documented that Dr. Wilkins committed, concerning a cancer patient, medical treatment, and medical bills.

The “Co-Project Director” of the NEH medical humanities grant (Grant number: AKB-265735-19) and “Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum” should not have a history of abusing and using a cancer patient for their gain, lying about activities and going on Key West vacations while in reality not caring for the cancer patient, lying about location, lying about details, lying about alibis, and lying on previous résumés and previous funding requests. 

All in writing. As well as verbally to professors.

Dr. Wilkins recently received an NEH medical humanities grant, when in the past, it is proven, in writing and transcript, that Dr. Wilkins filed applications for her own private funding, asking for money for herself, for outright lies that “she paid bills of a medical patient” and “The illness of a loved one has depleted my savings and caused a great deal of medical debt…” This is fraud.

(Below are notes from previous documentation:)

— — — — — —
— — — — — —


Funded Projects Query Form

Grant number: AKB-265735-19


University of South Florida (Tampa, FL 33620-9951)
Benjamin Scott Young (Project Director: October 2018 to present)
Catherine Wilkins (Co Project Director: April 2019 to present)
Medical Humanities in a Global Context

Implementation of a new general education pathway in the Honors College that would integrate the humanities into the institution’s medical and global programs.

The Honors College at the University of South Florida proposes to develop ten new, and seven revised, interdisciplinary courses as part of a new program entitled “Medical Humanities in a Global Context.” These integrated interdisciplinary courses will offer students a pathway through the USF Honors College curriculum and aims to cultivate more critical, holistic, and experiential perspectives on health and human experience.

Project fields:
Interdisciplinary Studies, General

Humanities Connections Implementation Grants

Education Programs

Total amounts:
$98,483 (approved)
$90,726 (awarded)

Grant period:
5/1/2019 – 4/30/2022

— — — — — —
— — — — — —

Below, a mere sample of Dr. Catherine Wilkins previous false statements and coverups, concerning several malfeasance issues, from sexual harassment and abuse/assault by David Brodosi, to fraud on financial requests and résumés:

Written by Dr. Catherine Wilkins concerning David Brodosi:

(It is believed to be only partly true, and part of a larger coverup by both Dr. Wilkins and David Brodosi. It is believed it is a coverup for adultery, and larger schemes. It is believed to be part of a coverup so a wider investigation would not reveal Dr. Wilkins’ academic cheating, other adulteries, fabricated care-taking, and wider lying and funding request frauds based on those lies. It is believed Catherine Wilkins is not telling the whole truth, and is often outright lying and skillfully fabricating within her statements — a coverup, transition of blame, and attempt to diminish Dr. Wilkins’ own guilt and participation.)


“During this phone conversation, he (David Brodosi) directed me toward a web site which featured adult fiction of an erotic nature. He (David Brodosi) asked me to read a story aloud to him on the phone, and I complied. When I concluded, he (David Brodosi) said that he enjoyed it to the point of climax.”

“His pants were unzipped, and his penis exposed.  He pressed his penis to my mouth, and the pressure opened my mouth.”

“His (David Brodosi’s) pants were unzipped, and his (David Brodosi’s) penis exposed.  He (David Brodosi) pressed his (David Brodosi’s) penis to my (Catherine Wilkins’) mouth, and the pressure opened my (Catherine Wilkins’) mouth.”

“I certainly did not expect such an abuse of power.  I feel that Mr. Brodosi has no right to be in a position of authority, and I ask the court to please ensure that he is never permitted to trifle with the life of another of his employees ever again.”


Actual wording of FLYER created by Dr. Catherine Wilkins:




This man sexually harrassed (sic), assaulted, and abused a female employee.  


Warn your family and friends about this criminal.  

Keep him away from you and your neighborhood.

Formerly employed by the University of South Florida

Drives a late 1980’s model light blue Nissan Pick-up truck

Last known address in the Gandy area of Saint Petersburg

### END FLYER ###

Multiple Scholarship Application and Résumé deceits, concerning false care-taking, funding and employment requests, written by Dr. Catherine Wilkins:


Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellowship 
Internship Coordinator 
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 East Chicago Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60611

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, I had hoped to proceed directly to Tulane University. Unfortunately, my fiancee was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, and I forfeited my first year at Tulane in order to be with him throughout the course of his treatment. During this time, I enrolled as a graduate student at the University of South Florida and earned twelve credit hours toward my Master’s degree in Art History, taking courses such an Art” and “Art, Travel and Imperialism.”  When my fiancee’s cancer went into remission, I reapplied to Tulane University, was accepted, and given a full scholarship and stipend.



Supplement to Scholarship Application for Catherine Wilkins

1. The illness of a loved one has depleted my savings and caused a great deal of medical debt which I help pay, while at the same time impeding my graduate education and making my progress as a student somewhat difficult.


As an orphan, my boyfriend had no one else to care for him, and I was reluctant to abandon him in such a state. 


Since he was unable to maintain treatment in New Orleans, it was necessary for me to remain in the Tampa area.


I was extremely troubled, not only due to the stress I experienced as a result of my boyfriend’s battle with cancer…


…aiding my boyfriend with his accumulated medical expenses…


I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to grow and learn, to help another, yet still persist in meeting my own goals.


Dr. Wilkins has committed many other abuses and false statements.

It is shown Dr. Wilkins started lies about medical care-taking, and requesting money for those lies, early in her career, and it has grown into NEH grants and curriculum.

The veracity and sincerity of many of Dr. Wilkins’ statements and actions, past and present, cannot be trusted.