Trent Wieties is a liar and married cheater who used me for Sex

I was told all lies.  He told me his name was Justin Rode and that he lived in Bunker Hill, IL.  His real name is Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties and online says he lives in Carlinsville, IL.  He said he was single dad trying to support his kids working multiple jobs. Online it says he is married to a woman name Sarah Wieties.  We talked for 2 months on the phone and through snapchat.  We met up at the First Western Inn on Collinsville Road which is near St Louis.  It was a dirty and cheap hotel, but he said this was all he could afford.  After he was done having sex, he made an excuse and said he had to leave for work.  He rushed out and left me alone.  I was stunned with his actions after what we had just done.  After 10 minutes or so when I was done getting dressed, I started calling him to talk.  His number was just ringing with no answer.  I tried to message him and nothing.  I was blocked on snapchat.  Days later his number was not in service.  It was very clear that I was used for sex and that he was not who he said he was.  After hours of searching I found him online.  He has done this to many others.  I am so scared as he didn’t use protection, and some say he has STDs. I just want to expose him to everyone.  I want everyone to know what he did.  I want him to feel the way he made me feel.  It just hurts to be lied to and used, but then you find out who he really is and get so angry at yourself for falling for his lies.  I will try and contact his wife, Sarah as that is the least I can for her.  If you know Sarah Lynn Wieties and are reading this, please let her know what Trent did to me and look online to see what he has done to others.