Sophia Favero — Calgary Canada

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This fuking drunk a55 alcoholic b1tch was my neighbor in Calgary along with her friend Kass and their dog Nash. That dog almost bit mine once when we were in the elevator. I came on while they were chugging drinks, clearly not paying attention to the dogs. Her stupid mutt almost bit mine and I had to grab its collar. That’s when she told me not to touch her dog and called me a “fat a55 black b1tch” while her friend Kass laughed. De This slore also has DOZENS of dudes coming and going from her apartment. I overheard one fight where the dude was PISSED. He’d gotten a permanent std from this chick and she and her dumbass friend were just laughing at him. I know she’s trying to start a medical clothing line called Strive Medical Apparel which is laughable considering how bad of a drunk fuking racist she is. Stay away from this sloot, she literally fuks everyone on Tinder…except black guys. Besides, once u get past the Mac force field she’s just another plain Jane.

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