I am very upset and unhappy with the process at this company, if I knew they are brokers and not actually bank I would have never applied, I was told I was conditional approved by them, needed to verify income I earn 194,000 last year. I am a owner operator truck driver and after deductions I am around 90k still that’s more than half of what most people earn in a year , so I am thinking I should be fine they sent me 3 choices of payment with 3 different term so I am thinking I am approved because that what the email said, I was buying small teardrop trailer around 14,640 putting 1,500 down , so a day goes by nothing, so I’m thinking what’s the problem, they said that they approved and gave me 3 choices for terms and payment and I chose one , to get a email 2 days past approval saying declined, yes I called and was very angry my credit score around 630 not because of bad payment only due to high credit card balances that be paid down or off within a few months. I am sitting on almost 200k in home equity I’ve never touched.

I pay all my Bills on time 100% on time history my weekly gross pay almost 6k after my deduction my take home pay well over 3k a week and i still got declined, they say i have 5k going out a month but my take home pay a month between 12k to 15k .Don’t waste your time with this financing firm, just try lending tree or that will give you real pre approval and better professional services and some who will call and talk to you they have now stop answering my calls also.

I never once used bad words but I did raise my voice because of the approved email I got after i applied to end up declined i just go another way to end up buying the teardrop they are not the only company I’ll never used their service again, and I am sure there are more people out there with similar stories I chose to tell my story.

(214) 637-2274
8500 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 4040 Dallas TX USA

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