P. C. Nuovo LMT, CMT, Naturopath

P. C. Nuovo LMT, CMT, Naturopath | Instructor at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts

I met him on a dating app.
After talking with him a couple of weeks finally i decided to met with him.But he didn’t keep his
promise.He didn’t show up at date night.I kept waitting for him.I dont’t know why he didn’t come.
I send him so many text but he never replied.I came to know that he talks with others girl and go for date.
Talking so many lie,he takes money from those girls.He promises to return the money but he never returned it.
This is how ,he bears the cost of his daily life,he doesn’t do any job.He enjoyes his life from the money he
takes from differnts women.And he keep changeing his address so that he doesn’t get caught by others.