My friend told me how for almost a week they have been having a sewer line blockage and it was getting worse as the smell started filling indoors too and so I recommended My Georgia Plumber, Inc. not because I had an experience with them but because I had heard from a different person that they were really good. After the plumbing work was done at my friend’s place, she called me up and said she was very disappointed with me for recommending this plumbing agency. When asked why, she said they were the worst and were very bad at their job.

She told me there were two men who came by to fix the sewer and they came at early noon time when she had asked for an evening appointment as she would be back from then. Because they came early and called her as she wasn’t at home, she had to leave early from work. She said the two men were very rude and did not give proper details about what was wrong and nor did they tell her what they had done and if any further care was to be taken.

She said the men were not at all professional and behaved very inappropriately with her. They also charged her extra for no valid reason and said they wouldn’t leave the house if she didn’t pay. They happened to have zero knowledge of what they were doing. They did not bring the required equipments and kept asking my friend for everything.

This is a really bad experience and the people have clearly cheated. They even followed her the next to work asking for extra money because apparently they worked overtime. This is plain cheating. They are a scam. Do not ever hire from this agency, they will definitely cheat you.

770) 592-0081
2883 Holly Springs Pkwy, P.O. Box 5537 Canton GA USA