I dated Mike Madrid from San Bernardino CA, I had met this guy at the club in riverside, when I first met him he had a boyfriend so we only kept a mutual friendship, a few weeks later him and his boyfriend broke up and we started talking a few weeks after. One day he asked me out and we Hung out and started dating little did I know he was still with his boyfriend, then when his boyfriend moved away he told me that he was sorry and give him a second chance, I did. Later on things got worse he would hit on my friends and he had cheated on me with many people, I found photos in his apprtment with different guys and I finaly broke up with him, all my friends hated the guy, he’s very dramatic, very manipulative, and to top it all off he gave me an std, he didn’t tell me he had something till after we had sex many times, please stay away from him, he’s a serial cheater and can’t be trusted. Mike Madrid