Metro Credit Union

Absolutely disappointed with their communication skills with their clients… I applied for a jumbo mortgage as owner-occupied and was told after days and days of waiting that they’d have to make my deal an investment grade property, and I’d need 30% down (not 25%) on a jumbo mortgage…

on the day before I was supposed to sign the purchase and sale… now for those of you who don’t know, waiving the mortgage contingency means that by signing the purchase and sale, you lose your downpayment if the lender doesn’t end up loaning you the money, which is why in my situation it was imperative to get answers before signing…

they lured me in with a great rate, and couldn’t answer my questions on the day the P&S was to be signed, and they didn’t even tell me they were all going on vacation after December 22nd and there would be no chance of getting a hold of anyone until December 27th….

well damn, fuck you for screwing me over in this impossible Boston market… it’s hard enough to get your offer accepted out here, and I reiterated to them numerous times how urgent it was for them to get back to me.

Customer service starts with the customer…. they were nice and friendly the whole time, but when it counted, they were absolutely unreliable… when you’re borrowing a million for a house, have an 800+ credit score, you’d think

you’d get some respect and maybe have the decency to make sure your clients have everything they need before the holidays. I’m extremely disappointed, this was my dream home, and I’ll forever be looking back at this as a missed opportunity.

You only get a few opportunities in life, and I’m livid as I sit here on Christmas Eve watching someone else buy the house I wanted because they’re too busy boozing with family.

Merry Christmas to you too. This is specific to Sarah Dupuis and the rest of the team at Metro. Poor banking practices!

(877) 696-3876
138 Main St Melrose, MA, 02176