Spoke to laura on adultworks.com and agreed on meeting up for full sex £60. Asked to meet on Blackness road Dundee beside a primary school. Sure as day, she was there and we walked around the corner in to Rosefield street. Was asked if anyone asked who I was I am here to look at fixing her washing machine. Once we got inside up a few flight of stairs and in to her apartment it was unkempt with everything littered around. We moved to the livingroom area where I sat down and she asked for the money upfront. Paid her and we started kissing and her hands moved towards my crotch and then she stood up and bent over exposing no underwear beneath her short black lace dress with lace sleeves. We fucked and I came inside her tiny little moans she gave when I came, She wiped herself down with toilet tissue that was beside the sofa and said she normally doesn’t do this but needed the money and I made my way towards the door to see myself out. Upon leaving there was a chap at her door and stood before me was her partner and she told him that I was looking at the washing machine and will get back to her when I get the parts. I walked away and when I got home she left me a message on adultworks saying sorry and he wasn’t supposed to be back so early.

Name: Laura Anne Fitchet or Hudson (I checked on FaceBook) uses blackwidow85 on adultfinder
Address: 6D Rosefield Street, Dundee DD1 5PP
Looks: 6/10
Sex: 7/10 (strong smell of deodrant from her genital area)