Katy Campbell — Wichita Kansas

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This is Katy Campbell. She is a total Southside moth. She’s a homewrecker and she’s proud about it. De She will sleep with your husband behind your back and flirt with him in front of your face…She’s a despicable human being. With as much as she gets around spreading her legs for every Tom d1ck Harry, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a cookie std. She’s the girl that has no girlfriends, just an assortment of men she fuks. Makes no difference to her if they’re already taken. I’m baffled at the fact that she can get men like she does…she’s not pretty and wears so much eye make up she looks like a racoon, but I guess when you’re easy the last thing on a dudes mind is make up. If you or anybody you know has messed around with this chick I strongly suggest getting tested.