Jeremy Scott Lauderdale Exposed Hateful Bigoted Internet Warrior Racist from Springfield Missouri

This is Jeremy Scott Lauderdale, he’s a closeted hateful racist who hates black people (mostly) and jewish people.

Likes to call white women mudshark, maybe focus on the fact that you have an ugly wife

He used to be @Imwaiting4what on Twitter now he goes by @WesterMa88 which stands for Western Man and Heil Hitler (88)

He’s a huge Adolf Hitler/Nazi fan even though they lost like cowards which is what Jeremy is so he can relate.

Jeremy you are a White supremacist nazi who works in a Mexican restaurant, where did your life go wrong? your poor, your short, you have an ugly wife… where did life go wrong Jeremy?? maybe that’s why you hide behind a fake twitter account and harass black people.

Take this L Jeremy.