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Trisha Curioz Cruel Misogynist Homewrecker and Ham Wallet
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Trisha Curioz, Cruel Misogynist Homewrecker and Ham Wallet

Caught my cheater fiance searching Trisha and reached out to her via ig with all the family photos and pics of our little boy, because I wanted to know their history. She tells me she’s “Truly sorry” that I’m going through this. My little boy cries every night for his daddy and she sees it …

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Nilesh Waghela Child Abuser, Criminal, Deadbeat Parent And Wife Beater-London, England, UK

Everyone thinks Nilesh Waghela is a gentleman. This is because he knows how to say the right things and comes off as a decent person. What people don’t know is that 10 years ago, he beat up his now ex- wife. Nilesh was sentenced to a 52 week batterer’s intervention program in Fresno, California. After …

Canada Homewrecker

Carmen Wilson

This woman lives in London Ontario, she preys on married men. She TRIED to destroy a friend’s marriage, but he finally saw how manipulative she was and went home. He had no idea who she really wad and now only describes her as disgusting. The post Carmen Wilson appeared first on Expose Homewreckers.