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Cheaters Christopher Christopher Leon Leach Christopher Leon Leach — Commerce City City Colorado Commerce Complaint Against a Person Leach Leon

Christopher Leon Leach — Commerce City, Colorado

Chris is the worst person I’ve ever known. He’s a narcissistic meth junkie. He’s 51 years old and has nothing. He’s in and out of prison for various crimes, mostly stealing. I was with him for over 3 years and I have no idea how I finally broke free from him. I was verbally, mentally, …

Cheaters Colorado Complaint Against a Person Yoloxochitl Torresdey Yoloxochitl Torresdey – Colorado Springs Colorado

Yoloxochitl Torresdey – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Let me just say that when you marry a cheating person you marry a cheating wife. In my case, Yoloxochitl cheated on her previous husband with me. Yoloxochitl Torresdey attends services at the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado Springs, Colo. She met a wonderful older man and fell in love. …

Alissa Alissa Blanchard Steele Alissa Blanchard Steele — Colorado Blanchard Cheaters Colorado Complaint Against a Person Steele

Alissa Blanchard Steele — Colorado is a sexual predator

Alissa Blanchard Steele is a liar, a cheater and a sexual predator. She has s*x with whomever she wants to from her 21` year old daughters Friends/boyfriends young, old, married, single, in a relationship… Mostly when she is “drunk and bored” at least that what she says when confronted when I asked her about the …