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Christian Graus - Dromedary Tasmania Australia
Australia Cheaters Christian Graus Christian Graus - Dromedary Christian Graus - Dromedary Tasmania Australia Complaint Against a Person Dromedary Melbourne pervert Tasmania

Christian Graus – Dromedary, Tasmania, Australia

This lying scumbag says that he is from Melbourne, Victoria. Not true. This loser still lives with his mother in Dromedary, Tasmania, along with his fat, homely wife. Christian Graus IS A CHEATER! He’s married and he sexually harasses other women. This feral, entitled, sack of shit spends his time sexting other women, and is …


Turan Durdu Alanya Loverat Thief and Scammer

New news in social media about #loverat #TuranDurdu #Alanya #lovescammers Women BE AWARE!!!⚠️ 🚩⛔❌❌‼⛔🚫⚠️ #TuranDurdu is married to Maria, a young Swedish woman. This woman has been informed and updated, multiple times, by the victims of her husband. Therefore she is well aware of the adultery and criminal actions of her husband. This man has …

Cheaters Complaint Against a Person kansas-city – Missouri KansasCity Missouri Skylar Skylar Brixey Skylar Brixey kansas-city – Missouri

Skylar Brixey, kansas-city – Missouri

This slore has been opening her legs all around Kansas City spreading her drds To everyone. She admittedly has drds and has no problem giving it to other people . She has a kid in Florida that she doesn’t have custody of her because she can’t quit doing meth and pepsi. she is also anorexic. …